3 thoughts on “Fun

  1. This website it fantastic! For those who didn’t have the slightest bit of knowledge about online dating should be thanking their lucky stars! The amount of information, statistics, hints and tips given on this webpage is incredible! No one has excuse to shy away from online dating anymore; this is brilliant! (And the illustrations completely do it all justice!)

  2. Am I the only one wondering about the “median” numbers re: sex partners? FOUR? Did they conduct that poll in an Amish community? On an iceberg inhabited by 13 people? Maybe the poll was taken at a “Liar’s Anonymous” meeting? :::FOUR?::: OMG! And here I thought that “SIX” was (albeit horribly off) a conservative (and laughably “believable”) number! :::applies “special” brand of rationalization to the number… brothers count as “ONE”… as they’re related… both my college years and drunken escapades… count as “ONE”… because it’s my delusion… ::: la la la 🙂 Great page! L, J~

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