August 2012
Below the Belt
Cracking the DaVinci Code of Late Night Texts
Getting Laid with Interrogation Tactics
Vibrators and family vacations don’t go well together…duh.
Reality Dating: I can’t handle the truth
Little Miss LA
Booty Call Inception

July 2012
Single Girl Survival Says…
Seven Deadly Sins of Facebook
Nerdy Friends Beget Hot Men
Crying Over Spilled Milk
Whole Lotta Crazy
Fairy Tale Love…Kind Of

June 2012
Relationship Hoarder
The Release of the Chains
To Be…Blunt or Not To Be…Blunt
5 Second Rule
Dating Time in the Buffet Line
Married (Beer) Goggles
Girls Weekend Facebook Photos! ❤ ❤
What To Do When the Ex Moves On
Revenge is a dish best served drunk
Learning to Ride
And….we’re back!

May 2012
Tempted by the forbidden fruit
What is the price of sex?
There are plenty of fish, but we are all trying to catch the same ones
Why is it always my fault?
An Ode to Chocolate
A Closer Look at the Meaning of Closure
My dog ate my date with you.
Chicks Before Dicks: not the same as Bros Before Hoes
What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting
Isolation and the City

April 2012
Finding real love in the ashes
A Lost Love Story part 2
Facebook Conspiracy Theory
A Lost Love Story part 1
Playing Hard to Get
Single Girl Survival Says
Winner of the Creepiest Facebook Message Award
The Holographic Bandaid
Dating Tip for Guys Who Want to Get Laid
You must have had some issues in your potty training years…
The Chase
The Game
Stories from the online dating trenches
The making of a crazy girl

March 2012
Stop Putting Your Facebook Relationship Status as Complicated, It was a One Night Stand
Girl tattoos boyfriend of 1 week on her arm. A Facebook thread ensues (12 Photos)
Probably the Worst (and Best) Dating Story I’ve Ever Told
Mad Women
The Result
The Big Scare
some. forever.
Bad Date Hall of Fame update
The Bitch Formula
On Not Becoming the Cat Lady
Pushing the Limits
Playing the Game with Text Pals
Putting the Rawness Back into Dating
Saying “Bomb” in an Airport
The (Los Angeles) Bermuda Triangle
Exes and Teachers and Uncles…Oh My! The Crazy World of Drunk Online Dating

February 2012
I heard it through the Facebook
An LA Cinderella Story
Dating is Like A Box of Chocolates
Survival Guide for Valentine’s Day part 2
I’m Here to Wish You an Unhappy Valentine’s Day part 1
The Girl Who Cried Wolf
The Land of the Lost

January 2012
Being Single IS NOT a Disease
Falling off the face of the planet (AKA love)

April 2011
The Hologram
Reopening the Ex Files and the Game Plan
The Crush Crushes

March 2011
The story behind the crush
The result
Loving the loneliness
Running my anti-sex marathon (sprint)
What am I doing?
The truth about cats and dogs and women in relationships
Does economy depression lead to dating depression?
Oh the places I will go to avoid (dating) confrontation
My new dating strategy: Learning to be lonely

February 2011
The Art of Killing Orchids and Relationships
Sluts have feelings too
My New Dating Technique: Yes I am a Bitch
Blowjobs Make the World Go Round
Romantic = Clingy?
The mystery unfolds

January 2011
The mystery of the 2nd date romp
Mr. Best Yet (aka my future husband)
The Interactive Romance Novel…chapter 2
Get me my relationship attorney
The Ex-Files part 2… The Finale
My soap opera…the interactive romance novel
Proof for a second chance in 2011

December 2010
How many frogs does it take to get to the prince…
Frogs and holidays
Single Girl’s Guide to the ‘Safe’ Guy
I’m a big girl now
Problems Men Started (PMS)
The Ex Files part 1
12 days of Online Dating
When a girl…
Single girl’s guide to dating part 1
The Battle of Who Could Care Less

November 2010
Why chick flicks are toxic
Single girl survival for the holiday season
Single girl how-to’s
Like father, Like daughter
Nice/Hot Scale

October 2010
Single girl’s survival for Halloween
Why a survival guide?

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