The Single Girl’s Survival Guide

My Story

I am a 26 year-old (for the truth, read below) single girl in this couple-biased world just trying to survive (with a little help from my girlfriends). I live in LA and am not a professional writer but I am a psychologist in training and love to write about what’s in my brain and the people I learn about life and love from. My inspiration for creating this blog is…

My Blogging – the Inspiration

I have decided to write The Single Girl’s Survival Guide blog because after 10 years of being in long, steady relationships, I am a single girl and feeling a little insecure. At my age of 26, I mean, 29…or what was my age again? Yes, I have been known to fib about my age lately, a bad habit that has been increasingly more common the older I get. Anyways, at the age I am right now, which will not be further discussed here, the pressure to be married with children, or at least in a stable relationship is ever present. So here I am, trying to survive in this world sans man, so who can a girl turn to when in need? My girlfriends, of course….especially the single ones. The support from my wonderful girlfriends is my inspiration, which led me to the thought that there are many more single girls (or attached for that matter) out there that could unite and form a massive single girls’ support group. This support group will include gossip about bad dates or whatever for those days when a good girl laugh is the only cure; support that gives complete how-to’s for all the things a man would typically provide; advice from other girls’ experience; and of an open discussion of a massive group of girls who need support and feedback just like you…and me.

That is my hope for this blog, and with your help, I believe we can make this happen! (How inspirational was that?!)

About ME as a Human Being

Okay, so months later after the launch of my blog, I have decided to bulk out this page with a more…well, personal description of myself so you can feel my ‘human-ess’…here it goes:

I recently went through a break-up of 7 years, and I am now bitterly cynical about true love, even though I am still out there looking and dating. Writing about it makes me feel better.

I am fiercely loyal to my friends and to anyone else who has been good to me. I ignore those who have not. I laugh loudly at your dumb jokes when I like you; I am a smart ass, sometimes pain in the ass when I don’t like you. When I’m drunk and I’ve had enough of equally drunk, overly aggressive guys, I am the girlfriend you want in your corner. I have been called the biggest bitch on the planet and once threatened to take down a pack of 6’5 juiced-up meatheads with my Krav skills. True story.

My social life is bipolar – I either like to be completely alone, holed up in my apartment, reading or writing…or…out partying with my friends. When I want my alone time, I blow off everyone, when I want to be social, I want all of the people I love around me. I have been known to use people for sex. But that person who can satisfy me will be my lover for life.

I have been told I am strong willed and been called a hero by a few people. Therefore, I believe I have super powers. My pet peeves are when you watch t.v. too loudly and when you scuff your feet when walking. I see those qualities as signs of weakness and apathy. (And no, you don’t want to ask me why…) I also hate it when you eat greasy foods and touch the remote. And yes, I am a bit of a germaphobe.

17 thoughts on “About

  1. There’s nothing more enriching when you’re single than your girlfriend network. Congratulations on your new blog. I’m also in Los Angeles. It’s terrific that you’re sharing your stories.

      • Yes. But more important is that she is a human being with feelings. If a girl is a good human being it doesn’t matter if she’s a stripper or anything else. That’s her personal life as long as she doesn’t harm anyone. I also know of cases where prostitutes are much more nobler than the so called ‘clean’ girls. Sometimes there’s more kindness in those girls because they see the hard side of life. And so, like you’ve said a stripper is someone’s daughter too. A tear drop in her eye will also feel like a tear drop in mine. Right pal?

  2. I love this. It’s so thorough! Are you down to chat about a new show where we give the WOMAN all the power on first meeting? I’m looking for amazing, just-happen-to-be single women in the SoCal area who are tired of the dating scene and want to have the upper hand for once ha. If you’re interested, shoot me an email at JELCasting@gmail.com and we can chat about the show! I can tell you about the show and you can tell me if it sounds like fun! Thanks and good luck my fellow single lady in LA. 😀

  3. I’m hooked on your blog! I came across one of your posts early today and have been reading it ALL DAY and I guess into the evening now lol I love it!! You’re absolutely hilarious and extremely encouraging..Thank you 🙂 I swear I thought I was the only single girl that dealt with some of this stuff and it’s such a relief to know that I’m not alone.

    • Thank you so much!! I always love to hear that someone else relates to me! It inspires me to keep writing! And to keep it real and raunchy, because someone out there will understand…:)

  4. Hey, I love your at blog! I also blog at chattykathy411.blogspot.com. I am looking to do a guest blog interview for my blog about dating and would love to interview you! Seems like you would be perfect for this topic! Let me know what you think! You can e-mail me at chatty_kathy411@yahoo.com. Thanks!

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