She’s not the kind of girl you take home…

Don’t worry, I’m not going to break out into song…although I do love that song and now it’s stuck in my head.

This is my rant about exactly what Rick James was talking about: every man’s obsession with the kind of girl you don’t take home to mother.


Every man loves her, every man wants her. And every man will leave her for the cute girl next door when it comes time to take someone home to mother. And when it comes time to use the family engagement ring. Happily ever after kind of bullshit.

Except when you’re the girl that he doesn’t take home. What happens to her? What’s her Goddamn love story? She gets used up and tossed out like an old rag. Happy fucking ever after.

not the girl you take home ecard funny

Even worse, that girl never even figured out why she was the girl that never got to meet any mothers. She just wasn’t because he got to decide that. And then she gets to sit and ponder why she never was while he goes off on his relaxing couples’ vacations.

And she gets to painfully scour through the sickening engagement photos of them frolicking in fields, and looking at the water together and of him kissing her cheek and of their shoes standing next to eachother.

And then he goes off on his honeymoon and has children and buys a house, all the time she is still pondering why.

engagement photo

I’m allergic to engagement photos.

And one day far into the future he announces his divorce and a day later he calls her, the girl he never took home to mother. She holds her breath and prays this time it’s for real. This time it will be different. But he never takes her home, yet again.

And as fast as he was there, he is gone again. On to the next girl next door.

And this is the other side of the story, the love story of the kind of girl you never take home.

guy who takes you home quote

Easier said than found…

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