Halloween Survival Guide 2014 Part 1

halloween single funnyIt was just about 4 years ago at this time in the year that I gave birth to this very blog. One of my first rants was about how to survive Halloween alone since it was a difficult task for me, being alone for the first time in my life on Halloween. I hated seeing all the couples doing Halloween in their couple costumes. It used to be me there, and all of the sudden I was alone, trying to figure out how to cope with dressing up as a single person.

Well that feeling has long passed since this will mark the fourth year I am spending Halloween as a single person. No matter how many guys I date, I somehow always come back to being single around this time. However, the sight of all the couples costumes still makes me want to barf. I really hate it more than anything no matter how used to being single I am.

So yet again, here is year 4 of the single girl’s survival guide to Halloween.

Things have changed a lot lately, even in the dating scene.

grunge glam fashion

That’s right. On the runway.

First, we have “grunge”. We started to turn away from girly looks and instead embrace what is less traditionally considered as sexy. I think it started with Johnny Depp and slowly leaked over to girl’s fashion. First was the hipster trend and then pop stars such as Miley Cyrus.


Grunge it up girls. Be more like Miley.

Then we have the entire other non-traditional sexy category of “awkward” nerdy, which of course was spawned by Zooey.

It seems this year, the more grunge you can add, the better. Throw in some hipster, vintage dirty rock, punk, rap, messy and an “I don’t give a shit” attitude are what will spunk up your Halloween costume with the latest trends.


When did “I don’t give a shit” become sexy?

For example, while browsing the newest Halloween costumes, I found a mummy costume that seems like a very typical choice. However, they had added the latest trend flare by making the dress skankier and ripping it all up a lot more. It seemed to me like there were shreds everywhere, and it seemed like the more grunge they added the more popular it would become.

So grunge it up girls, this may be your only chance to dress as sloppy and dirty and grungy and awkward and weird as you want and still be considered hot.

hipster fashion

All kinds of great sloppy fashion to choose from this year.

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