Getting Back on the Whorse

My iPhone autocorrect has been really acting up lately. For some reason it seems to want to mess with me and autocorrects to raunchy words instead of sweet ones especially when it can lead to really embarrassing situations. Either that or I’ve made such a strong bond with my phone that it now autocorrects to what I’m thinking instead of what I’m trying to write.

autocorrect whore

Hmm…maybe I’m using the word “whore” too much.

This digression was brought to you by Apple Computers, don’t forget to go buy the newest model so you’re not an outcast walking around with last year’s model! And…hopefully you know I’m full of shit. Please don’t go out and by the latest model, it’s really not worth it.

Anywho, in case you’re wondering, my phone did not autocorrect. I really do mean Whor…se. Not Horse. Because that is what I feel about everyone who stupidly blurts out this horrible platitude in response to me being single.

I’m sorry, but getting back on the horse does not make you a stronger, more resilient and more optimistic person. It makes you a whore, in the nicest way possible I could say this.


This is BS. Sometimes it’s okay to stay off the horse for awhile.

What I mean by this is that right after a breakup, when your heart is cut open and bleeding, forcing yourself to get back out there right away is selling your heart in hopes of feeling better. Well what if instead we valued this time we had to actually feel our hearts breaking and honor that. Don’t try to shove your bleeding heart in front of man after man. Instead of entertaining other men on dates and maybe even easily jumping bed with them because you’re so fragile, why not take the time to nurse your heart back to health?

My girlfriend just came out of a really long relationship and her heart is obviously bleeding. She multi-tasks searching for dates on Match while stalking her ex’s Facebook page. And then she has the nerve to give advice to my happily single friend about “getting back on the horse” and never giving up. In response to my friend telling her that she has no dating life right now because she is choosing to focus on herself for the moment.

I’m sorry but in my opinion, this idea of getting back on the horse sometimes is too harsh. Sometimes it’s okay to stay off the horse for awhile, especially if you need to take time to figure out whether you really wanted to go where that whorse was leading you…

being single doesn't mean you're weak quote

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