Tapping the Fountain of Youth


After my experience with Disappearing D, I had lost my charger and my dignity. And if there could have been a silver lining, it was that I was angry. The anger did something to me that depression over A could never do – it propelled me with full force back into the dating world.


Can be found inside a 23-year old guy

As if the Universe knew I needed a break from the harsh world of dating, it gave me a momentary layover in the Fountain of Youth. The Fountain of Youth that sprung from a young 23-year old guy. It seems unfortunate that I am now (a lot) older than 23. First of all, for a lot of reasons. But mostly because the best sexual experiences of my life were with 23-year olds. When I was 23 I was dating men a lot older than me and I missed out on something so incredible that was appropriately available to me all the time.

fountain of youth young guy

His fountain of youth watered me all night.

The night I went over to his house, it was magical, like I was in Disneyland. I saw the little boy in him, trying so hard to impress me, a quality buried so deep in older men for fear of seeming weak. He showed me all the cool gadgets and toys in his house, his impressive card and magic tricks, and then fucked me harder and longer than I could almost handle. We had sex with so much fervor that we didn’t even realize the sun had come up and it was almost time for me to move my car for street sweeping.

When we finally finished, my entire body was shaking and I could barely stand. He fucked all my worries, stress and heartbreak away. I was calm, focused and unequivocally satisfied. That night, he had washed away everything that was aging me with his fountain of youth.

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