Let there be light.

In the beginning…there was light. The beginning of a relationship with someone that actually likes you, that is. It is so much different from all the many times before. So different that you laugh at the comparison between the two.

Years and years of being a wandering single girl. Because even when I thought I was “dating” someone, I never realized they were not dating me. I’ve had one-way relationships for years. And I mean years. Even my last real relationship, the big one, the one that caused this blog in the first place. He never treated me like that.

And then one day someone comes along that changes the entire rules of the game. Even if this person leaves my life fairly quickly, he has brought light into my life that has illuminated the dark gloomy fog that loomed over my relationships. From this day on, I am wiser and more at peace. No matter what the future brings, I thank him for this. shining light heart

One thought on “Let there be light.

  1. Good for you. But don’t stop the blog! Your great articles always help cheer me up (not by comparison but because they are so well written and meaningful).

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