It’s in the Cards

single girl psychic

For my birthday in January, my friend bought me a visit with a psychic for fun. It was great fun, she had nothing to warn me about, told me I was completely centered in my life and good things were in store for me this year.

I then asked her the dreaded question: When will I be in a relationship? 

Her answer? There should be no issues with me finding a good relationship this year. I am in the right mind frame, which I wasn’t in the past few years (true), and there will be many new people entering my life who will accept me for all that I am. Which of course is the foundation of any good relationship.

She said I could potentially be in a relationship starting in the month of January, but that she sees the month of April as the time when it will really happen.

waiting for the right man cartoon

As I look at the date today, this memory came back to me and I am left with yet another disappointment this year. So I am left to wonder if I can defeat all omens of obtaining a relationship, when will it actually happen? It doesn’t happen when I’m not expecting it, and it doesn’t happen when I am expecting it. It doesn’t happen when I’m closed to it and it doesn’t happen when I’m open to it. It doesn’t happen when I’m trying and it doesn’t happen when I’m not trying. It doesn’t happen when I care and it doesn’t happen when I don’t care.

So this has left me with the burning question of… will it ever? Am I doomed to singledom for the rest of my days?

I am considering taking a trip back to the psychic and demand her give me an update…

Oh and by the way, Universe, What the EFF?!

I'm single because god is writing the best love story for me

3 thoughts on “It’s in the Cards

  1. Things usually happen when you least expect it. Hopefully you can stay active In meeting peiple and then who knows?! Good luck !!

  2. I’m in the same boat. 25, single for five years…and every day it gets harder. Everyone around me is in a relationship, and I can’t even walk out of my front door without couple’s PDA being thrown in my face. I want to die.

    • I’d like to hope that after being single for a really, long time that one day I’ll just wake up and say, “hey, I’m okay!” And then nothing else will bother me, third-wheel dates, disgusting displays of PDA or sappy romantic comedies. Maybe that’s the day when everything changes, and I find my soul mate, and we live happily ever after… But how do I get to that day without dealing with all the suffering in the middle?

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