No Girl Left Behind


It’s all nice and wonderful that schools have decided to even out the playing field for children. In the ‘no child left behind’ program, the entire class of children is only as good as its slowest child. This is not so great for the fastest learning children, but awesome for the well, slowest, children. They end up feeling like rock stars.

I only bring this up because in my dating life, I feel like the slowest child in class. I always excelled academically in school, but nothing could have prepared me for being the slowest learner in the school of relationships.

But here I am, only one of two out of all my girlfriends…left behind. Everyone else has found a successful, fulfilling relationship and I am left out feeling like the slowest kid in class.

And yet, no one has stepped in to take a stand about my feelings. I feel left out and like a failure but no one cares. There are couples dinners and parties and trips that I am not invited to. All of my single girlfriends who used to go out and party it up are all on movie dates Friday nights. They so soon forget what it felt like to be the single girl left out.


Just as the same as the slowest kids are protected and made to feel included in school, us single girls need to have some protection as well. As soon as I become president, I will make sure that no single girl is left behind, that is my promise to you. Vote for me in 2016.

3 thoughts on “No Girl Left Behind

  1. It’s tough. You imagine that all is sweetness and bliss in your peer’s relationships, and it gnaws at you. But remember, public image can be deceptive. You might be better off as you are. There are upsides to being single.

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