Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Ex?

We all have one. That big, bad, scary….Ex. He (or she) is the one we hate. And love. And that’s why they’re so scary. They have that power over us and if at any time they snap out of their coma and realize they still love us, we will fall drop everything and fall back into their spell.

red riding hood and big bad wolf

The question is, how do you ever recover from this? How do you find a beautiful, meaningful relationship that is able to withstand the blow of the big bad Ex when he comes back around? And even when you do move on, how do you find someone else who doesn’t have a Big Bad Ex looming, waiting for the right opportunity to come in and blow down your entire house made of twigs.


Therein lies the problem. Your house with a new relationship is made of twigs, and your relationship with the Ex is made of bricks. The solution therefore is to demolish your house of bricks and start with a new house made of twigs. But who in their right mind wants that? Every time a big enough wind comes along, your house is blown over and you’re left alone in the big, dark woods, open and vulnerable for the next attack of the Big Bad Ex.


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