A New Year to Wash Away the Old

A lot of shit has gone down so far this year. And it’s only the end of January. I haven’t been diligent in writing any of it down because sometimes it’s just too difficult. When things hurt really bad it’s just too easy to push them away. At least for me it is, that’s how I’ve learned to survive. But eventually I come around and let the world know about my misery and drama…only when I have accepted it myself.

This time, for the new year I have decided to purge my soul during my pain in an attempt to get through it instead of pushing it away and making it worse. We’ll see how that goes, but now for an update on the events of the last month.

The new year rang in and with it, all the opportunities for new experiences and relationships, while washing away the old forever. If I decided to try to hold on to the old, there would be no room for the new. So after months of holding on to the old, I finally let go. The following few posts will be new old stories about the first month of the new year. And then I will continue on with the new


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