The Hole

girl in grass Photos Andrew Kuykendall, Styling Suzanne Ford, Model Kelley Ash.

There once was a girl who thought she knew how to love. She found someone who she thought loved her back. Until she found out that his love was built on lies and so her love crumbled to the ground. She loved no more but still tried to find someone to love her. Everyone left her because they knew she was not capable of love and very soon after she crawled into a deep, dark hole.


In this hole, she was lonely and found no one else around to love her. As time went by, this girl learned to love herself, even in this dark hole. She didn’t realize as she was learning to love herself that she was digging herself out of the hole. Until one day, years after she crawled into the hole, she began to see a ray of sunlight. In this sunlight, someone new came along and loved her the way she loved herself. She didn’t need her hole anymore or anyone else, for this person loved her the way that on one else had ever loved her before. And she knew that she loved him the way she had never loved before, and it was on this day that she learned how to love, and the damage of the others washed away in their love.

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