In Search of the New Year Kiss


Why do we celebrate New Years? If you can’t answer this question right away, you haven’t been single in awhile. When you’re single on New Years the answer is painfully obvious. We celebrate New Years for the kiss. That’s it.

Sure, we care about starting off the new year right. We all want to be happy, successful, healthy, and to break bad habits. But what does any of it matter without the kiss at midnight? The kiss is timeless, it symbolizes good fortune for the upcoming year. It brings us hope that things will be better in the next year, that we can break bad habits because this kiss brings us the strength to do it. It makes all of our efforts worthwhile and gives meaning to the entire year.

new years eve kiss

You may think I am exaggerating this point as you read this, but it is true. Why else would that kiss at midnight be so important? It’s not because we think we are actually going to fall hopelessly in love at midnight. That doesn’t even seem to matter. Most of us have had a New Year’s kiss with that random person standing next you at midnight – someone you don’t know, or don’t even like!  So it must be something else. It must be that a kiss at midnight represents a prosperous year in love and life.

When you’re in a relationship for awhile, you take the kiss for granted. But when you’re single you realize with great clarity the importance of that kiss and you search high and low for it. This has been my curse for the past three years…the search for the perfect New Year’s kiss. Yet every year, even if I had a kiss, it never seem to represent anything. It was meaningless and I always went home alone and disappointed.

Every year, the same old thing. What’s the best party in town? Trying to predict which one will have the largest selection of cute single guys. After we finally find the best party to attend, the cutest outfit to wear, and the logistics of how to get to this party, the night always goes wrong at some point. Our group of mostly all single girls, start vying for the same thing. We are in search of the kiss. That one, breathtaking kiss that will make us forget about the past and bring us love and happiness in the future.

+ Joel Meyerowitz- NY New Years Eve 1965

But in order to get the kiss, we must get wasted, we must make a fool of ourselves, we must fight with eachother, we must act shameless and slutty, and we must forget our self respect.

This year, I will not lose myself over the the search for the kiss. This year, I will stay at home on New Year’s Eve and instead let the kiss find me during the next year. When the kiss is ready for me, I will be ready. And when it comes for me, it will be more meaningful than that kiss at midnight.


And so I have chosen to break the cycle, and for that this single girl will be single no more.

2 thoughts on “In Search of the New Year Kiss

    • Nice. That’s pretty much what I planned on doing too. As of today, I have the flu, so…even better! The perfect excuse to completely disappear. At the price of being sick. Oh well. 2013…here I come.

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