Surviving the Holidays…Barely

Bridget Jones Diary Single on Christmas

In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t really posted a lot this month. I had the best of intentions to do so…I even have a bunch of very clever posts sitting in draft right now. However, none of them were finished due to a nasty case of holiday depression writer’s block.

If I haven’t already said it before, being single at the holidays is really…difficult. Especially when it’s the third year in a row. You start to dread any of the holiday traditions that used to make you feel warm and fuzzy back when you were in a relationship. But whether you ask for it or not, the traditions come and the reality sets in. No matter how stable I felt before the holidays began goes out the window.

In an instant, I am strong no more. I cry when I pull out the same old decorations. I find myself spending too much time talking to exes. I feel lonely for my family and want to go home. I become a recluse until the holidays have passed once again.

single on holidays funny ecard

But this year, I survived and my strength came back. This year, I pulled myself out of hiding before New Year’s Eve. Instead of feeling depressed and sorry for myself, I held my head high. And so here I am, writing about it so I have the strength to deal with the monster of all the holidays…New Years Eve.

To be continued…

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