‘Tis the Season to be Miserable

If you’re single, this time of year is the worst. We just barely made it through Halloween and all the disgusting couples costumes, the failed attempt dressing up sexy in hopes of at least getting laid… only to end up shit faced wasted and passed out on a friend’s couch at 5 am. Now we have waiting around the corner for us singles: the joy of dealing with stupid questioning from once-a-year family members, New Years Eve with no one to kiss at midnight, and then the triple whammy of Valentines.

funny single on the holidays

This year, I have some additional ‘cheer’ to add to my annual bag of miserableness. Most of my friends have decided to get married or engaged this year. It is true, if this time wasn’t bad enough, I don’t even have most of my girlfriends to be miserable with. Even if it was just a boyfriend/girlfriend situation it would be better. It doesn’t seem so…successful in comparison to my failed attempt at anything this year. This year, they won’t be ending their relationships around Valentines like most people, they will be getting married and off on extravagant honeymoons next year. Or in marriages that are headed for some kind of bigger life goals.

scrooge dating on holidays funny

It only makes sense because I am at an age where marriage is the social norm. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for you all. But come on, why do you all have to do it at the same time and make my already miserable holiday season even more miserable.

And with that, I am officially Mrs. Scrooge.

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