Surviving the Dating Drought

If you’ve made it this far in the year without managing to lock yourself in some kind of relationship, then you’re in for some harsh weather in the upcoming months. Every year at about this time, us single people suffer what I like to call the Dating Drought.

dating drought weather map

Sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving, people everywhere couple up, and a bunch of us, every time get left behind to suffer the drought. Don’t ask me how this happens, for the life of me I can’t figure it out because I can’t manage to lock down a relationship for years a time, and suddenly within a month time period, everyone else can.

During the month of October, everyone wants to be single – Halloween is a great time for single people to hook up and be slutty. But then all the single people feel the chill in the air of the drought and take shelter in their cozy little relationships before the dreaded end of the month in November. The holidays are a miserable time to be alone. The family pressures of being single and never finding a husband/wife and having a family, missing out on all the holiday couple activities, spending alone time during the days of the year that were meant to be shared with those you love. The chilly weather makes it nice to cuddle up next to someone, everyone is hiding indoors and when you’re single, you get a lot of alone time inside instead of romantic nights by the fire or under the blankets.

usa weather map couples

Since no one likes to be alone during this time, the dating scene dries up, everyone who is left behind becomes extraordinarily miserable, and we walk around for months in the drought, dried up and begging for a sip of water. We are lonely and desperate, we try to survive with what we have and pretend it’s enough, but it’s always just a mirage.

And this goes on and on…until Valentines Day. Even if couples start to struggle after all the pressures the holidays cause, they keep it together enough until Valentines Day. No one wants to be alone until after then, and so they continue on with their struggling relationship until the season changes, and the stormy Valentines Day clouds form. The day after, the clouds break, the rain falls and the drought for us single people is finally over.

global warming drought

So single girls (and guys), pack yourself some water bottles and get ready to walk through the dating drought with me one more year. February 15: here we come!

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