From Above

“It’s so easy from above 
You can really see it all
People who belong together
Lost and sad and small
But there’s nothing to be done for them
It doesn’t work that way
Sure we all have soul mates but we walk past them every day”

In my previous posts I have talked quite a bit about “the one”. No matter how many others there were, no matter how many others there will be, there will always be “the one” who haunts me, reminding me that I had it all and lost it.

When I have deep conversations with friends about things like true love, soul mates, love at first sight, synchronicity, etc., I always find myself trying to argue the point that this idea is not just a made-up fairy tale idea. It is extremely bizarre to hear it coming from my mouth because my reputation as a cynical, sarcastic, strong-willed and independent person precedes me. But every once in awhile, when you catch me in an emotional state, or really drunk, I will divulge my true thoughts on love. And when I do this, I always realize how many people out there don’t believe in things like love at first sight.

Honestly, I should be beyond this point by now with all the horrible love stories I’ve racked up in the last several years. But deep down I’m not, and you’ll only know that when you catch me in one of these conversations.

People who are young, inexperienced, or closed off don’t believe in this sometimes because they have never experienced it. The truth is that I never believed in it until a few years ago. And I’m not in my early twenties anymore, so it seems like this should have happened a long time ago if ever. But it was that fateful night when I met someone who struck me so deeply to my core that I realized what the phrase, love at first sight, meant. I never felt it before, and I have never felt it since then.

It was synchronicity that brought us together that night, and it was synchronicity that tore us apart. The timing was off, and our quasi-relationship never worked. Soul mates who were meant to be together are separated because of timing, a cruel fate.

But the one thing this encounter left me with was the understanding that true love does exist, and gave me a story to use when arguing my point to those who have never been struck by it before. If you don’t believe in it, you’ve never experienced it before. You’ve never felt the spark of their soul merging with yours in a split second, like it is the other part of you, you lost long ago. Everything about them moves your being, their appearance, sound of their voice, their smell, and the way they move. Nothing else can replace the entire essence of their being, and when you try, it makes you sick to your stomach.

That is the exhilarating experience, and the curse of this crazy little thing called love.

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