La La Land of Coupledom

couple kissing cute fucking train

I am forever….single. Most of my friends at one point were single. Slowly but surely as the years go on, each and every one of them couple off. And then comes marriage. Or talks of marriage. Either way, when this starts, they walk through the pearly gates of La La Land for Couples and never look back.

This Land is one of three exclusive clubs that we encounter in our lives. First, trying to get past the bouncer at a popular nightclub. Or behind the velvet ropes of the VIP section. Second, the gates of Heaven. Much like a nightclub or VIP area, there is a list, and only certain people are allowed in. La La Land is much like these exclusive clubs, but the only requirement is that you be in a steady relationship. Once you are, it doesn’t matter how much you like the person, or how well you get along with them. You are now on the other side of the velvet rope, looking back at all your single friends waiting for someone to come along and swoop them into La La Land also.

third wheel cartoon

Once in La La Land, nothing is the same. Your single friends don’t exist anymore, and if they do, they only exist to sit in the sidecar of your bike built for two. Girlfriend dates become third wheel dates. God forbid you be seen without your partner. If anyone mistook you for single again, you may be exiled to the Single leper village.¬†Sometimes, you venture to the edge of the velvet rope just to get a glimpse of the leper village. You shake your head in pity for your single friends in the village. So much suffering, maybe next week I will bring my best friend on a third wheel date and give her a glimpse of La La Land. That is sure to cheer her up. These are the thoughts of a girl that lives in La La Land.

In La La Land, everything exists in pairs. Everything is shimmering and gold, the sky is bright and the flowers are blooming. There is a dinner date every night, the weekend nights are for snuggling on the couch with a good movie and the weekend days are for shopping at Ikea.

third wheel meme

You dare not look back at your single girlfriends you left behind. You turn off your feelings, and stop caring whether this is the right person for you or not. The evil temptation of feeling may cast you out of La La Land forever.

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