The Rebirth of a Blog

It’s been awhile since I put any real dating stories from my experiences up here. As my blog has grown bigger, more and more people from my personal life began to know about my blog. It’s good because I get to share my stories with my friends and even some exes. However, on the flip side, there are a lot of things that I hesitate to write about, knowing that certain people can read my deepest thoughts.

Last night, I had probably the most drunken night of my life. It was a miserable experience, as many of you can relate. If you’ve ever been: the one throwing up in the trash can in front of the crowds outside of the bar, or better yet, inside of the cab because you can’t wait two seconds until the door opens; the one that gets carried out of the bar by friends; the one that wakes up in a panic in an unfamiliar house; or the one that spends the entire early-to-mid morning in the bathroom, either curled around the toilet bowl holding on for dear life during vomiting sessions or sprawled out on the floor in between, hoping for a moment of sleep. Well then, you know what I’m talking about.

Yes, that was me last night. And when I came out of my stupor before my early morning vomiting marathon, I saw the light. I was shaking uncontrollably and I honestly thought I would die. It was then that I realized, in a split second, that these stories, my personal experiences, had to be told. No matter how painful they are, and how uncomfortable I am with people that I know seeing them. I have these experiences for a reason, and it is my duty to share them with others.

And so it begins…my horrifying, walk of shame that I call my Single Girl Survival Guide. More stories to come.

2 thoughts on “The Rebirth of a Blog

  1. I can TOTALLY relate. I love that people are reading my blog, but I hate I even hesitate to censor myself, which now I find myself doing more and more often.

    On a lighter note…An Award for your trophy case! Because you mean ALL the definitions, requirements, are the epitome of it, I have nominated you for: the Sensual Blogger Award check it out:

    And, I will definitely be interested to see how your blog evolves with your new challenges.

    • Haha…cute 🙂 I love it and I hope I win! I guess I should tell everyone to vote for me…? 😉 Now I feel special at least, and I really, really need it after this weekend. More to come on that later..

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