The Circle of Life

flower in ashes

Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba
Sithi uhm ingonyama
Siyo Nqoba

In case you don’t speak Zulu, these are the opening lines to the song, The Circle of Life, from the Lion King. In this movie the entire circle of life pretty much goes like this: a birth, a death, a shift in power towards evil, soul searching which leads to the reclamation of good, and then another birth seals the entire circle of life. Most often, this process takes a lifetime and occurs literally. Sometimes, this process occurs within a short time, and occurs metaphorically. And once, in a blue moon, comes a story that merges the two.

lion king simba pride rock

This story begins with a girl who needed a father. As a teenager, her father left her life after he was the only loving and nurturing figure she had. This left the girl with a longing to find another father to replace her loss. This turned into father relationships that attempted to collect all of her missing father energy. One such relationship was with the father of an ex who provided fatherly support and guidance, another was with an ex who, being 12 years older, nurtured and loved her like a father. All was well, although she did not realize she was trapped in the energy of fake fathers that attempted to soothe the wound of her missing father.

During the season of the blue moon, two deaths took place. The literal death of the father figure and symbolic death of the relationship father. Through her grief and tears, a seed emerged from the ashes of death. This seed sprouted and showed her the way. The little girl found her true father and finally grew into a big girl. Her true father soothed the pain of the death of her replacement father. He also helped her understand she no longer needed the chains of her father relationship and once the chains were released after all these years, she discovered herself. She was happy, and was filled with the joy of the sun and her flowers bloomed. She gave birth to her new life and reclaimed her own kingdom from the spell of her past wounds.

This is the circle of life, literally and symbolically, and this is my story.

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