Once in a Blue Moon

blue moon

In case you haven’t noticed from my last post, I’ve had a bunch of really strange symbolic events happening lately. When you find yourself riding the wave of synchronicity for awhile, you better hang on and be prepared to let go. You will find no meaning in anything right away, but some day…somewhere…with someone…somehow, you will.

The date is September 3. In Los Angeles, the 2nd earthquake of the week rumbles me awake at 3:30 in the morning. I grab my phone to connect with fellow panicky people. Unlocking my phone reveals a message from a former booty call. He had texted me a few minutes before the earthquake, and I was now awake to receive the message. He is the booty call that I swore to myself to never contact again. (Read his story here) In my state of confusion, I text him back.

sarcastic earthquake funny

“There was just an earthquake, why are texting me now?”
“I didn’t feel the earthquake, was just wondering where you’re at”
“I’m in bed at home. I was sleeping but the earthquake woke me up.”
“Well then, I guess I should come over and protect you.”
 “Why are you up at 3:30 asking me what’s going on and then there is an earthquake?”
“Must have been divine forces at work, maybe you should invite me over.”
My confusion turns into anger. “I am sure the divine forces are trying to get me to have sex with you.”
“Clearly some cosmic shit, now invite me over”
“I hate you for playing off this stupid divine intervention shit that makes me not want to say no. But seriously I am not in the mood to have sex now.”
“Then we won’t have sex.”
“That’s a lie if I ever heard one.” 
“I am in my car now, you may as well just give me your address.”

I almost said yes. I was confused, again, and not sure what this all meant. Was fate trying to bring us together, or was it testing me?

For the first time in my life, I really listened to myself.
“Honestly, you keep catching me at really weak moments. Other than that, I have no reason to ever sleep or even speak to you again. I am going back to sleep now.”

I chose to believe it was a test, and this is the first incident in the season of the blue moon that changed my life for the better.

earthquake in los angeles

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