Reality Dating: I can’t handle the truth

I decided to try out for a reality dating show. I wasn’t sure about it at first and then thought, what the hell, it can’t be any worse than online dating, right? So if it happens, you all will get to see me…for real. I will be airing out the dirty laundry about me and my past relationships. Yep, that’s right. No more hiding from anyone.

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The answer is YES

The first thing they made me do was a long survey about my past relationships and what I want in a man. Well I talk about what I want in a man with my friends all the time, so that was no big deal. Smart, funny, engaging, not boring…and of course dark hair and handsome, but in a geeky way. Check.

The next thing I started to go into was my dating history. This, I found out, was not as easy to face. First of all, I haven’t had any real relationships in the past 2 1/2 years. Even more depressing, I counted off the amount of men during this time. I don’t think I’m going to admit to the number, but let’s just say there have been lots. What are the chances not even one of them has turned into a relationship? And even more depressing, not one of them have gone beyond a 3rd date.

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So what about sex? Yes, I’ve had plenty of sex. Which overall makes this entire scenario that much more depressing. I have gone through one night stands, booty calls, sex on the 2nd date, and not one of them turned into a relationship. Am I giving it up too easy?

My good friend who keeps her sexuality as a prize would say definitely. I say, maybe. However, if these guys were not meant to be after date 2 anyways, would I ever get laid? And that’s when I give myself a break and say, let them eat cake (get laid). I want it, they want it, so we all end up happy in the end. And neither one of us has to sit through an uncomfortable 4th and 5th date when we know there is no potential for a relationship there.

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The only problem is when I find someone I actually might want a relationship with. I am so used to jumping in bed with them, they don’t ever take me seriously. And then I get my heart broken because of course I have fallen for them within the first 2 dates.

And so goes the sad cycle of the last 2 years. Which became painfully clear while filling out this detailed relationship survey. Why didn’t someone make me take this survey a year ago? Maybe I would be in a relationship by now.

Enough ranting. If any of you all are interested in being in the show, take a look at the flyer below. Even if for only getting a chance to fill out the survey 😉


Single Women casting tv show

7 thoughts on “Reality Dating: I can’t handle the truth

  1. But you recognize what your problem is: you fall for them after 2 dates and scare them off with your neediness. You said it.

    You need to hold off emotionally, at least don’t let him know you feel that way. Stop wanting a man so desperately. Men hate desperation. They can smell it a mile off and it creates a running away sensation in them.

    Get involved in charity work or something to keep you emotionally fulfilled so that when you met a man you like, you don’t scare him away.

    • Yeah….I hear you. Believe me, I’ve really been trying to work on that. The problem is that no matter how busy I make myself (and I am at baseline a very busy person), I can never seem to back off when I like someone. I just get too enthusiastic when I really like someone. Part of the problem is that I only date guys who I feel a strong connection to right away, and that doesn’t happen all the time. Unfortunately, the guys I fall for aren’t as sure about the ‘relationship’ as I am in the beginning. Who knows, maybe I should try practicing on other guys since I can’t reign in my enthusiasm for the ones I really like. Problems women have…

  2. I re-read my first post on this and it sounded harsh. Sorry. Didn’t mean it to!

    Maybe part of why you’re so enthusiastic is because you don’t know these guys that well. You aren’t seeing them as human with flaws and idiosyncrasies that bug you. If you spent more time with them your level of interest would become more “normal.”

    What I mean is this: instead of getting so excited because George Clooney asked you to his house in Italy for the weekend, think about George as a man who snores, has yucky feet, uses dental floss at the table in public, etc. You know what I mean? Try to see each guy as a real man, not a dream man. Don’t project your image of what you want him to be onto him.

    Another thing to think about is that you say you only date guys YOU feel a strong connection to, but that connection is obviously one way and in your mind. He isn’t feeling it. This tells me that you are projecting your own wants, desires, dream view of a man on him. I don’t know how you would stop this projecting, but awareness is half the battle.

    I hope that helps.

  3. I suggest reading “the rules” … Helped me find and keep my man, and although it’s ideas may seem outdated, the essence of the book really does work. You don’t have to follow the rules word for word (it’s almost impossible to) but following the gist of it is guaranteed to show results. Give it a try.

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