Little Miss LA

little miss los angeles

The Little Miss were some of my favorite books growing up. I just love how they accentuate and focus on all of our personality quirks. You could always tell which quirk was your own by the one book you refused to read. It was the little miss that everyone pointed out to you, but you hated.

Well, lately I’ve realized there is an essential Little Miss that was neglected. She is Little Miss L.A. nightlife, party girl, or whatever other name she is being called by all her haters.

She is the girl that goes to bed at 7 am and wakes up at 4 pm. She doesn’t remember where she lost her designer shoe the night before. She gets 20 texts the next morning from men and she doesn’t remember who any of them are. She holds discount cards to all the hottest L.A. bars and she has the phone numbers of all the hottest Hollywood promoters. She never waits in any line and never buys any of her own drinks. Her Facebook is filled with photos of her and groups of hot girls. All her male Facebook friends comment on her photos and hope she will respond.

But…She is the girl that every guy wants to bang but no guy wants to date. She goes on lots of dates that sometimes lead to sex, but never lead to more than a second date. She gives it up early in hopes of being loved. She cannot get the respect she wants from any guy because they are all terrified of her. They know she’s a party girl who can get any guy she wants and they don’t want to get hurt.

What they don’t realize is…She is one in a thousand hot girls in L.A. Every guy in the club scene is a douchebag and only wants to use her for an easy bang, right after he’s banged every other girl in the club. She is only number 12 on the list of available bangs at the club. She is a nobody and she just wants to be loved. When she finds a regular guy outside of the club scene, she loves him because he doesn’t use her up and throw her away as fast as the douchebags. She is just looking for the guy who will take care of her and keep her out of the club scene. She would be loyal to him for the rest of her life if he treated her well.

But…He doesn’t. He wants to use her up just like the Hollywood douchebags. But he doesn’t have as much douchebag game as the real douchebags. So he treats her well at first and she falls in love. And then he goes away and breaks her heart.

So then she gets dressed up once again, drinks until she can’t remember and goes to after parties until she passes out on someone else’s couch at 7 am. And then she wakes up and does it all again.

If only she could find a good guy that would treat her well. Every guy wants her and no guy wants her forever. And so she is forever stuck in the Hollywood club scene, moving further down the list of available bangs the older she gets.


3 thoughts on “Little Miss LA

    • It’s true. But unfortunately this is the sad story of getting caught in a never ending, damaging cycle. Once caught in it, it’s difficult to see the way out. Sorry to be so depressing…:(

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