Nerdy Friends Beget Hot Men

geek is the new sexy

It’s true. Nerdy friends are the link to cute guys. Who would have thought this was so simple and I learned the hard way. Night after night, the fruitless search for where cute, successful, non annoying or pestering or cheesy men go. Which leads to frustration and out right hopelessness. This past weekend it all changed.

I ran into a few very good guy friends of mine from the past. I hadn’t seen them in forever and I was ecstatic. In case you didn’t see where this was going, they are all very…nerdy. But I love them to death. I am a huge nerd myself so I get along with them all very well. So, in the middle of girls’ night out to find hot men, I chat up a circle of nerdy, not so hot men, for hours. My friends try to “save” me a few times, but finally give up after they realize I am actually enjoying my conversation. I abandon the mission of the night to find hot men because I am perfectly content in my nerd circle. At the end of the night, they all invite me to a friend’s birthday party the next night, of which I accept the invitation.


The next night I show up with them to their “nerd” party, and my jaw drops open. There are more cute guys at this house party than I’ve seen in all my nights going out in months. And best of all, they are all single, newly broken up, and looking to move on. Best of all, I am one of the only females in the entire party.

My friends called me an hour into the party. They were on their way out to a club down the street and wanted me to go. The thought of battling crowds of people to get into the club, only to realize there were no options for the night made me cringe. Not even the excitement of the hottest club could entice me tonight. There was no way I was going anywhere other than my nerd party….and I made the right choice that night.

Big-Bang-Theory-Joke nerd

going-down-on-you-ecard geek talk


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