Crying Over Spilled Milk


I never quite understood this saying as a kid. To me, spilling my milk was a big deal. Growing up in a family of 5 kids, I knew that if I spilled my milk, I would be eating dry cereal in the morning. By the time I would go back to the fridge to replace my spilled milk, the gallon would be gone.

Maybe this philosophy has carried into my adult life, because I now know that most everything in life is not abundant and that I need to enjoy the things I have while I have them. Okay I know I sound so enlightened when I state this, but in reality I only ever see this in hindsight. Which is why I cry over spilled milk. Even the things that seemed so meaningless at the time, if I take them for granted and “spill” them too soon, they will all too soon go away and leave me longing.

So then it takes me a long time to get over my spilled milk, and all of my friends yell at me to just clean up the mess already and move on. But I can’t. And so I sit here, crying day after day over spilled milk that has now become curdled milk on the floor.

crying over spilt milk funny

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