Whole Lotta Crazy

I think that deep down every one wants someone crazy. Okay, hear me out before you call me crazy.

When it comes to love, don’t we have that expression that someone is crazy in love with us? In this expression, crazy is a good thing. Yes, we all love to laugh and make fun of those “crazy girls” that take it way too far, but who are these guys that have turned them crazy? They must have egged it on enough to get to the maniacal crazy point. And in the beginning stages of falling in love, we have to put ourselves out there a little bit, do things that have potential to be called crazy by the other if they don’t feel the same.

When it comes to my own experiences, I have found the only relationships I have been in have blossomed from some act of potential craziness. Other times, I don’t even try because I am so scared to be called the crazy girl.

But here is the point. If we want to ever show the other person we are that devoted to them, we have to show them we are a little bit crazy. For them. Otherwise they are unsure about what we feel.

A little bit of crazy. Not a lot bit of crazy. Girls: this is hard for us. Once we unleash the crazy, it doesn’t want to stop. But you’ve got to reign it in or you will become another on the Wall of Crazy Girl Hall of Fame.

For example, show him you’re jealous that he’s hanging out with other girls. Then, back off and give him space. Tell him you want him to check in with you, but don’t tear him apart when he doesn’t every single time you want him to. It’s not a control game, it’s a gesture that you give a crap about what he does.

Now, go out there and be crazy! (A little bit, not a whole lot)

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