To Be…Blunt or Not To Be…Blunt

That is the question. Do guys want us to be blunt or not?

Last night at the bar a guy asked me, are you here to talk to men or to have some private time with your friend? Because he asked me that, I of course responded that I was here to spend some private time with my girlfriend.

However, I was curious why he had asked me this, and he explained to me his experience with the last several girls he spoke that night. He was upset and asked me why girls would get all dressed up, go out to a bar and not want to talk to guys.

I, being the girl, of course knew the answer to this question. At this point, I had a choice to make. That is, to be blunt or not to be blunt. He was asking me to be blunt. Any naive girl would have been blunt, in hopes of 1. getting rid of him and 2. because he asked her to be.

However, I am far from naive and have experience with being blunt. Being blunt with men quickly turns into being “the bitch”. Here is how it happens.

how blunt becomes bitch in dating


4 thoughts on “To Be…Blunt or Not To Be…Blunt

    • What is the reason for what?
      Yes I agree, polite honesty is the best, which is kind of what I meant in this post. I’m not saying we go around trying to be hurtful, but I feel like even when girls are polite about it, the guys get a bruised ego and take it to be mean. It is sometimes a no win situation, and my friends and I don’t ever know how to handle the situation with different types of men. Therefore, many times it is easiest to just run away or avoid the situation all together…which as a girl I know can be more hurtful than even being straight up mean.

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