Dating Time in the Buffet Line

There is a land where the douchebags roam free.

you are a douchebag funny

In this land, there are buffet lines filled with douchebags from miles away. When a douchebag finally gets to the front of the line, he finds an eye-popping assortment of women. He is excited and not sure how to begin. He finds the first woman that glances towards him and starts chatting with her. At a certain point, he is rejected because of course, he is a douchebag. He then moves to the woman who is next in line, and he eventually is rejected by her as well. He then keeps going until he finds some desperate woman. She thinks their connection is special. By this point, he has perfected the art of the pickup so well, it would be difficult for any woman to tell. Unless she rejects him for lack of genuine connection. But she doesn’t…she is desperate for any attention that seems genuine. And she will not discover the truth until she leaves the land of the douchebags the next morning, reeling in her walk of shame back to her own land.

walk of shame girl walking

In this land, these particular douchebags are called buffet-ers. These douchebags feel no genuine connection to anyone. They don’t have a type and they don’t care how many women they go through before they find one they can take home. If they get rejected one hundred times it does not bruise their ego. They just keep going until they find that one woman who is looking for attention instead of connection. And that is how this breed of douchebags continue to survive.

pick up line pick up artist


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