5 Second Rule

5 second rule funny

Remember that 5 second rule as a kid when you dropped a cookie? The rule was that if you dropped the cookie and picked it up within 5 seconds, there would be no dirt and germs on it. That is, you have effectively erased the entire event of dropping the cookie in the first place.

Now that we are adults we know this rule doesn’t make sense and we don’t have a need for it anymore. Or do we…

Have you ever done something that you really wish you could take back? Say…a particularly horrible sexual experience?

I say that we reinstate this 5 second rule for sex. If say we have a really horrible one night stand and it lasts no longer than a few minutes, it no longer counts. Kind of like getting a marriage annulled but easier. There is just a universal rule that it doesn’t count and that one gets scratched off your record.

We were on the right track as kids. 5 second rule: ice cream? no. bad sex? absolutely.

One thought on “5 Second Rule

  1. It shows that our morals as humans have gone into the gutters. Sex is a very deeply personal experience that should be shared with a very special person in a loving relationship, not something you throw away to every stranger you met once, and care not to meet again.

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