Learning to Ride

little girl learning to ride a bike

Trusting can be the most frightening thing in the world. Learning to trust triggers the primal fear of falling. If you let go when the other person is holding you, can you trust them not to let you fall to the earth?

I still remember when my father tried to teach me to ride a bike. It took me an abnormally long time because I didn’t have enough confidence apart from my father to let go. But of course, as all parents do, he did let go. He was doing what he thought was best in order for me to to learn to ride by myself. Unfortunately, I fell and that was the day I lost trust in the process of letting go.

And now, all these years later,  I still don’t want to let go. If I let go, how can I trust another person to hold me when I need them to? How do I know I will not fall to earth?

Once you let go, you are completely vulnerable. And once you are vulnerable, whoever you gave your trust to holds your Kryptonite, whatever that is for you. Everything that can destroy you they hold in the palm of their hand.

So if my own father let me fall to the earth after I trusted him enough to let go, how do I trust anyone else enough to let go? Is anyone worthy enough to hold my Kryptonite?

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