I always imagined I could be invincible when it came to love, like an untouchable dating Superman. What I didn’t realize was that even Superman has a weakness. And what was Superman’s weakness? A rock called kryptonite, and even the smallest piece of it could bring him to his knees.

So if even the invincible Superman has a weakness, what does that mean for a non-superhero like me? Well, of course it means I have a weakness that  I am terrified to acknowledge exists. Once I acknowledge its existence, I give it life and then it is free to wander off on its own and cause me grief.

So I keep pushing it away, hoping it will go away. The only problem is that everything that is beautiful about love is attached to that weakness.

Everyone’s kryptonite comes in different forms. For me, it comes in human form. A simple human that brings me to my knees if I let him. So I keep up the fight, never exposing my kryptonite buried deep inside, pushing away the beauty of love for fear of the flood gates it will release.

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