Girls Weekend Facebook Photos!

What your girls weekend Facebook photos really mean:

girls weekend at the bar

The FB Caption:  SO much fun with the girls, who needs men anyway!

What really happens: We are ready to drink way too much and cry about who screwed us over.

girls weekend shopping

FB Caption: LOVE shopping with my favorite girls!

What really happens:  Spent too much money hoping a few new shirts would make you feel better, then pull up your online statement and cry.

girls weekend at the spa

FB Caption: Lovely day with my ladies at the spa!!!

What really happens: Wait forever to get a pedicure and keep checking your phone for messages from the ex the entire time.

girls weekend in the city

FB Caption: UNBELIEVABLE love being in “insert city” for the weekend with my favorite girls!

What really happens:  Stage a happy candid photo with the intention of posting to Facebook to show everyone how happy you are and how the exes are the furthest thing from your minds.  Meanwhile, one girl keeps talking about how much happier she is without her ex and how she missed doing stuff girl stuff like this anyway.  However, nobody not even the girl speaking it, believes the words coming out of her mouth.

girls weekend on jet skis

FB Caption: Who needs men when you have two strong females to paddle the boat!

What really happens: you paddle in circles unable to synchronize, get sunburned, and you keep looking anxiously at the car hoping you can check your cellphone soon…no messages.

CREDIT: Thanks to my good friend, E, for this hilarious contribution!

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