Tempted by the forbidden fruit

The forbidden fruit is that which one cannot or is not allowed to obtain. Why is the lure of this so tempting? It is such a primal reaction, spanning back to the proverbial Garden of Eden. Everyone wants it, and they don’t even know they want it until they cannot have it.

funny adam and eve apple computer temptation

For example, I just closed my online dating account. I have been counting down the days when I could close it and stop reeling at the sight of cheesy pick up lines in my inbox every day. 5 days before I closed it, I changed my profile to say: I am closing my account in 5 days. If you have ever wanted to message me, do it now before I leave this website forever. And then instantly  my status was transformed from stale to a hot commodity. About a week after an online profile goes up, it becomes stale and the daily messages dwindle to a few here and there. But after positioning myself as the fruit that will soon be forbidden, suddenly I am now desired.

And this goes for every other aspect of dating, love, as well as life. My girlfriend dates men like they are kleenex. The only time she has ever established a relationship or an obsession with any of them is when they turn into something she cannot have. First he was boring and there was no connection, and in an instant of rejection, he is the love of her life. Granted this is an extreme case, I would still argue we all possess some sort of deviation of this.

The forbidden fruit comes in many forms. The older, married man when you are young and single. The single, younger man when you are married with children. The co-worker. Your secretary. The professor or student. The woman or man that is the iconic representation of beauty to you. The person you were dating who rejected you. Your ex who is now dating someone else.

The problem with this philosophy is that no one actually gets any of the forbidden fruit. And if they get it, they realize it’s not so great after all, and the forbidden fruit process begins all over.

grass is always greener on the other side because it's fertilized with bullshit

The grass is always greener on the other side” everyone always says, and this popular saying shows exactly how our minds think. We want what we can’t have, and now that my account is closed forever, I am the forbidden fruit to all of you online.

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