What is the price of sex?

Some of my friends think that sex is like a game of The Price is Right.

In a game of The Price is Right, the host reveals a standard household item. He asks, how much is this item? The contestants and crowd shouts out prices for the item. Women love this show because, well, we love to shop. There is also another version of this game that some women love to play: Is the Price is Right for Sex?

the price is right for sex

In the sex version, the host asks how much is it worth? Women in the crowd shout out and all have their own, completely unique answers. This is much like the scenario with my friends. They all think that sex has a price. One thinks it is worth 3 dinners and a movie or two. Another thinks it’s worth 2 months of dating. Another thinks it’s a night of really deep, soul connecting conversation. And we all know a girl or two who thinks it’s worth a lifetime of marriage.

all this can be yours if the price is right

Personally, I think all of these answers are very sad. After I told one of my friends to ‘just go have some sex’ (after listening to her complain for an hour about how badly she wanted her ex back so she could have sex) she replied, but if I had sex with someone right now, then I would be giving away something free to some guy who doesn’t deserve it. Um…hello? Am I the only one that believes women get something out of sex too? I say as long as you have sex with a man who gives a crap about reciprocating, or screw it, even if you can take charge and the job done yourself while you’re with him (or bring along a vibrator), then why can’t sex be an equal trade? You both get off, climax and then feel better. That’s it. Why does it have to be so complicated and pricey?

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