Why is it always my fault?

My last relationship ended. What did you do wrong, says my family.

I go out and find douchebags. Where did you go to meet these men, says my friends.

I am still not married. Why won’t you let anyone propose to you, says my family.

My dating history is an endless pit of men who ultimately didn’t care about me and just wanted sex. Why do you attract men like that, my friends say.

I haven’t produced any grandchildren for my parents. Why do you have to be so selfish, says my family.

The creepiest men hit on me and say the most appalling things you could imagine. What did you do or say to make them say that, my friends say.

And the list goes on. Forever. Why can I never get any compassion from anyone? I am not trying to deny any part I have in any of these situations, but the truth is that I am not trying to be a miserable hermit of a lady that doesn’t care about being loved. So stop it. I feel bad enough about it already. You are my family and my friends and your job is to give me a little compassion. Family: I know you’re scared you’ll end up with no grandchildren because you think I am a new-age woman who only thinks about a career. But I am not pushing opportunities away to pursue my career. Get over it and let me live my life. Friends: I understand it’s easier to blame me than to accept the fact that it might be really freaking hard to date and find love. I know you get scared when you hear my stories and want to think it would only happen to me because of my ‘attitude’. In reality, we live in LA and this is just how it is. People party till they’re 40 and don’t think about settling down until they’re 50. If you’re that scared about the situation, it may be time to move to Idaho and let me live my LA life in peace.

So all of you, stop blaming me for things that are beyond my control because YOU are scared. That is all.

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