An Ode to Chocolate

An ode to chocolate, my one true love that always loves me back no matter what.

funny because chocolate can't get you pregnant

(I don’t really know how to write an ode, so just bear with me while I do my best to honor my chocolate.)

O chocolate dark, rich and brown. Your velvety texture melts in my mouth and soothes my pain.
When I get dumped or no one is calling on the phone, you are there to comfort me.
When I am on the rag, riding the crimson wave, or having some nice ladies time,
Nothing and no one can tame the beast I have become.
I strip you from your packaging and feel your body break in half as you melt into my skin,
with one bite you turn me back into a sane, rational person that is ready to take on the world.  


funny chocolate for women

And this is what my chocolate said to me:

chocolate love poem

Chocolate that gives me a love poem? What could possibly make me feel better. Maybe this chocolate plus a glass of wine. Other than that, I couldn’t ask for anything more in life.

Note: I do realize this chocolate was made for lovers to give to each other and should make actually feel worse that I have given a chocolate love poem to myself. However, you might not want to mention this during those times I really need my chocolate love because you might get your head bitten off. Just sayin. 🙂

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