Single Girl Survival Says

I am here to bring you some interesting news about Single Girl Survival.

My friend, Leigh, has decided to come aboard Single Girl Survival and help me write exciting stories about love, dating, relationships, sex and life in general! She has lots of great stories from the trenches of the Hollywood scene, and lots of great advice complete with the same cynical and sarcastic sense of humour as I do.

Let’s all welcome her aboard! I will be sure to clearly identify which of us are writing which posts so you can follow our stories and rants in a sequential order. There may even be site changes on the way, who knows what kind of exciting things are in store for the future!

I appreciate all of you out there reading my single girl rants! Muuah!

On a similar note, I want to send a little shout out to one of my recent ‘admirers’, because it sounds to me like he needs a little extra love. His name is ‘DRD’ and his comments to my blog posts are listed below. I am not sure how to respond to any of them because they seem a little off topic, so instead of approving the comments, I will dedicate this post to you so that you know I love you too! 😉

Like Father, Like Daughter
You are full of contradictions, arn’t you. And you say that we, the man, are confused? I’d say that this is a two-way street, hey, we confuse you and you confuse us. What fun we are having. Here is a mommy phrase for you: “Get a life”.
Dating Tip for Guys Who Want to Get Laid
Well, that was worthless! We already know that “girls” have an ego the size of Paris and wants the size of Macys.
Frogs and Holidays
When might you forget and forgive those match makers and get on with your life as you see fit?
signed: a man

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