Winner of the Creepiest Facebook Message Award

Okay so I wasn’t really holding a contest. However, once my friend sent me this message I knew no contest needed to take place for this message to win the award.

I did not include the full name or Facebook profile to protect the identity of my friend and me, not his! If I thought there would be no way this could ever get back to us, believe me, I would send you all this guy’s Facebook profile to harass relentlessly…

Here is a picture of him, though, for your entertainment:

funny facebook profile

Hello Dear,
How are you doing? I saw you here on face book, and i must confess that you really fit into the perimeters that i am looking for…
I am Jeff (full name deleted), and I am 45yrs, I’m an Construction Engineer/Contractor with Anderson Engineering Group inc. and was married for some years before I lost my wife. Am A very free and understanding person, I take life easy with people, humorous,loving, caring and understanding.

Truth be told,i really didn’t believe in internet matchmaking/dating not until Paul my closest friend found his true love from face book here. Today both of them are married as husband and wife, so he recommended facebook to me above all other dating sites… I am from the United states Austin TX to be exact, my dad’s from Austin texas and my mother is from Ipoh, Malaysia..i lost her in 2007, i now live and work in the UK and Shuttle the USA for construction contracts and the likes.
I am a romantic, loving kind and generous to a fault, my heart is my biggest asset and i wish i find a woman who is Honest,truthful,kind, Respectful and gentle. i do not wish to play games here and i respect the feelings of a woman. i dislike liars and dishonesty.i spend my free times watching Sports,listening to music (and i daresay singing in the shower!),Traveling, Walks on the beach and candle lit dinner and a table for two.

I really didn’t see distance as a problem because true love exist in regards of distance for each other, and if we want our self we can break distance barrier in front of us…if i am not the type of man you need please feel free to let me know so we will not waste each others’ time, i want to be a friend first, yes friendship is a good way to start and we can get to know each other more daily if u so wish… Let me know little more about you too and tell me when you are always online for a better conversation either by chatting or sending mail to each other…what are ur hobbies? likes? dislikes?
I will be very happy to read from you soonest, Stay Sweet and have a wonderful time out there…


I am dead serious, this message is for real. Whether it is a fake profile or not we cannot decide. But if it is not, what is the person behind it trying to get? It doesn’t make sense. But if it’s for real, it is the most awesome message. Ever.

2 thoughts on “Winner of the Creepiest Facebook Message Award

  1. If you had posted his identity, why would someone harass this guy? For making himself vulnerable in a message, that’s kind of a cheap shot don’t you think? Sorry but you sort of come out looking like the jerk here, dear.

    • Well honestly, I think if this guy was at all genuine and not just attempting to take a shot at any hot girl he found on Facebook, then I would not be posting about him. The same tactic I take with men in bars. If you’re being a douche and just looking to score some easy piece of ass, then I have free reign to humiliate or be a jerk to you. If, however, a guy sticks his neck out because he actually likes me, and does so in a sweet, non-insulting way, then I would never in a million years humiliate or be a jerk to him. There is a huge difference between making yourself vulnerable in a genuine way and making yourself seem vulnerable but are actually being a douche. If you don’t know the difference, I suggest you figure it out soon.

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