The Holographic Bandaid

A hologram is an image that encompasses many dimensions. It is able to tell the entire story instead of just a piece of it. One time I have seen a hologram of something that looks like a normal picture of a woman. As soon as you walk slightly to the side; however, you see a horrifying image of the woman’s demon side.

scary holographic image of woman and demon

Like this woman, there are always more dimensions to our stories in life. You just have to look around to find them. But when you open your eyes to these synchronicities, you will begin to see the holographic, whole images everywhere. These holograms are there to help you learn, so pay attention to them. They are our demon side, our side we don’t want to look at so we only focus on the surface and miss the message over and over. If we could only see our holograms, for all they are, in all of their dimensions, we would realize they are only images and would then be able to move out of the grasp of their illusion. I call this holographic healing.

Here is my current hologram:

I have a cut on my foot. It re-opens and bleeds red every time I try to walk.

I thought I would use a bandaid. It seemed to work at first, and then the bandaid suffocated the healing process. The cut swelled and itched and I was forced to treat it with a cream..

It has become a struggle between opposing forces. The cut wants to heal and I want to move forward. The dirt and grime of moving forward infects the cut and makes it bleed. Putting a bandaid on the cut makes the pain too overwhelming to ignore.

Why do I keep moving on? There is work to be done, there is life to be lived. Time is short and running out. I can’t opt out of daily life because of a cut on my foot.

So I keep pushing forward, I never stop. My cut keeps bleeding and I refuse to stop and give it time to heal.

The hologram.

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