You must have had some issues in your potty training years…

BEWARE: another waay TMI post…

“You must have had some issues in your potty training years”…is what I say when referring to one who would otherwise be called “anal” according to the pscyhosexual stages of one of my favorite all-time psychologists, Freud. Lately I’ve been noticing there is an overwhelming amount of fixation on this psychosexual stage in terms of well, sex.

looking for love in wrong places anal sex funny

In the last year, I’ve got more requests for anal than an inmate probably does in 5 years. So my question is, what is going on here? Are we experiencing an influx of 2 generations of men that were mistreated in their potty training years? Or is there a better, non-Freudian explanation?

While browsing through some vintage “porn” photos (don’t ask me why), I began to ponder this thought. Back then the girls didn’t even need to show full nudity for it to be considered pornographic and get the guys turned on. Now with all of the internet porn freely and easily available, along with the internet age of information and easy access overload, even full frontal nudity, close up shots while in the act does not seem to even phase a large majority of people.

And let’s talk about sluts. That free love hippie movement that led to generation after generation of sluts that are giving it up way too easy. Don’t get me wrong, I am not judging anyone else, I am one of these sluts.

Back in the clothing pornography age, the excitement came from the undressing, the nudity, and oh man, if you got to have vaginal sex, you were walking on the wild side and really pushing the limits. Now that the boundary of those those limits have been easier to obtain, we need the next thing that will push the boundaries.

And this is where anal comes in to play. It is the boundary pusher. Most females that I’ve discussed this topic with have never done anal or are completely repulsed by it and will never try it for anyone, ever. This reminds me of the girls back in the clothed pornography days that thought any kind of sex was taboo. Well, anal, you are the new taboo sexual topic.

So now if a guy gets the impression I am kinky, he thinks that means he is getting anal. And he will push it until he does. It’s like just plain sex is not enough anymore. And yes, by plain I mean vaginal, because that is the point of this blog…

anal sex funny

And now my question for the dudes out there. Everyone has a butthole, but not everyone has a vagina. So why not utilize the equipment you can only get from us? Do you need to constantly push the boundaries or did you really have some issues in your potty training years?

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