The Chase

Thought I would follow up “The Game” with “The Chase”. The game is what every guy hopes for. That is, the ability to have a technique that works every time to get a girl to chase you. This sounds ideal. However, we are all primal animals deep down and we all just want the thrill of the chase. That is why some techniques described in the game work on a girl. Only those that provide her with a challenge. One thing that is missing in this equation, though, is that men are evolutionarily engineered to want the chase more than women are. So when it’s men who provide the chase, women get frustrated and men get bored, very quickly.

And so my story begins. I ran into a one night stand from last year the other night. This was a one night stand because I ran out in the morning without getting his phone number. Why did I do this? I wasn’t actually being my usual bitchy self. I was extremely attracted to this guy; however, he was extremely attractive, way too perfect, and I had the most bizarre night with him than I’ve had in my entire life. I was ready to walk away. Well, that and I had convinced myself he was gay and was not ready to get my heart broken.

The night we met again we were both in the same overcrowded, dark bar. I saw someone I thought I recognized, so I looked again, and squinted (I have bad eyesight in bars). He smiled at me and started to walk over. And then it hit me. It was him and I couldn’t escape because I had already made eye contact. After an awkward greeting, we exchange numbers. And the chase begins.

He starts texting me immediately and wants to see me again. I never respond. He apologizes for never getting my number. I never respond. He says he’s been thinking about me. I don’t know how to respond; I haven’t been pursued like this in forever. Well, by an attractive man. (And yes, this most definitely has something to do with my sluttiness, thank you for asking).

But again, I do not want to see him. I still don’t respond and I leave the bar without saying goodbye. He starts texting again and I briefly tell him I’ve left. He is begging at this point, but I tell him I am too far away. He wants to come to me. I tell him I cannot tonight and so he wants to see me in the morning. Over and over I tell him no, but he wants it more.

I wonder what happened, why he is pursuing me like no other man I’ve met. I start to realize the difference between him and every other man (who I like and is attractive). I gave in too quickly with other men. I figure, if I like you, I will give you my number and then we will go out. Simple enough. And then if I like you, I will sleep with you. That’s how it should go. But this time is different. I had the upper hand. I was playing the man, and it felt good.

The problem is that this feeling is addictive. I’ve used it for every man I’ve talked to since this night, and they just eat it up. And, they don’t get discouraged or frustrated like women do. They crave it. So I figure it’s kind of like a win-win situation. I get to feel in control, and men get to stalk their prey.

So why was I wasting all those years being sweet when it was only leading me to very short relationships? If I give in too quickly, men get bored and I get my heart broken. From now on, I am going back to my primal roots and becoming prey in this jungle of modern dating.

3 thoughts on “The Chase

  1. This makes total sense to me now that my bf broke up with me I can see I was too nice and gave it in too easily and he got all he wanted and got bored with me…now i will play hard to get all the time..

    • Haha, yes it is easy to jump into the ‘play hard to get’ team right away after a difficult breakup in which you gave your all and ended up hurt. However, like my guest commenter on “The Game”, you have to tread lightly with this approach. IF you use it in moderation, it WILL work. Both this method and the methods outlined in The Game tap into psychological insecurities of both sexes, therefore they will work in moderation but will come back and bite you if you don’t….

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