The making of a crazy girl

On the topic of crazy girls, I am going to talk about a girl I know who is a love-aholic. That is, she only feels fulfilled in the presence of a man who “loves” her. And this term is used very loosely in her perspective: love means anyone who is giving her attention in the form of texting, calling, or having sex with her. She does not know what it’s like to be in a real relationship because she always gets involved with emotionally unavailable men, and that includes the current one who has a girlfriend. Despite this, she has some kind of awareness that he cannot commit to her, so she will periodically attempt to get attention from other men. One of these men include an ex who lives in another state. If she calls him and suggests she fly to see him, he will sometimes say yes. On a whim, she will fly out to see him, only to smoke it up with him, have sex and then fly back home immediately after. He will then stop talking to her again for several months. And during this time, she will attempt to get his attention by offering to send him packages of weed, which gives her the excuse to talk to him for several days until he has received the package. Such is the life of a love-aholic, who feels a void if there is no prospect of a man in her life.

To men, this love-aholic is also know as the ‘crazy girl’. She gets easily trapped in a vicious cycle of needing men that have shown her ‘love’ which she equates with sex or any attention at all for that matter.

This is how ‘crazy girl’ is made: Men give her the attention she needs at first meeting, as all men do when they are trying to get laid. She responds by being overtly sexual because this is how she has learned to get attention and feel attractive. Men can tell that this girl is easy, and she is labeled as the ‘easy girl’.  After she has sex with him, she is hooked and he pulls back. When she pushes harder because he is pulling back, he knows he can take advantage of her and uses her for sex. He keeps giving her just enough attention so she can’t completely remove herself from the role of eternal booty call…or text pal. This makes her obsessive about what she can do differently to get his attention full time, and it consumes her life. She then acts out, and is labeled ‘crazy girl’.

Even though I do believe there are completely obsessive, crazy girls out there, I think even some of the worst stories you hear passed down from friend to friend are not the result of an out-of-control crazy girl. I think men have a lot to do with this craziness, and blame ‘crazy girls’ so they don’t have to take responsibility for their mess. If men don’t want these crazy girls in their life, why do they keep them around? Because they want a booty call who will always drop whatever she’s doing to come over? If so, you have lost the right to call anyone crazy. These love-a-holic girls have the potential to be emotional, clingy, and needy, so stop provoking them like an indian in a lion’s den. If you get eaten, don’t say no one ever told you so.

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