Bad Date Hall of Fame update

Read about my friend’s date the other night that officially entered my bad date hall of fame:

Wait a second…I thought you said “date”?

My friend works at a large company in Los Angeles, one of those companies that have so many people and assistants that you barely know anyone, even if they are in the same building as you. She is an assistant, and gets random men calling in to do business with her bosses…and then pop in the suggestion of a date with her. She has never gone on any of these dates, for fear of it getting back to her bosses (and because after a LinkedIn stalking session found out none of them were cute). Until last week. She emailed me his LinkedIn profile, and I told her she should go for it. So she accepted his offer for drinks after work. He got her phone number and promptly messaged and emailed her about the date to confirm. On the day, he confirmed again, which was a real plus for any girl dealing with the typical flaky LA guy. She was nervous before she got there, kind of like a blind date but more risky because she would still have to be linked to this guy to a certain extent through work situations no matter the outcome. They both arrived and she began the conversation with announcing this night could never get back to anyone at work. She explained that she did not want anyone to think she was taking advantage of work situations to find dates. He agreed and they had a pleasant conversation for awhile. Until…he said: “my fiance and I love that show”. Whatever the show was irrelevant at this point because it was most likely not heard by her as those two words stung through her ears. Your fiance? she thought to herself. “What’s your fiance like?” she dared to ask, in case it may have been a slip up. And, he proceeded to tell her all about her. She was utterly confused so to cover up her opening statement about company privacy, slipped in “my boyfriend” during the conversation that occurred in the following 15 minutes. The weirdest part was that they went out for “drinks” and he did not order a drink, while he watched her drink a glass of wine. And to top it off, he payed for it and then promptly shook her hand, and told her they should do it again soon.

Moral of the story: I’m confused. What does it mean when you take a date from a guy and then he mentions his fiance? I guess the moral is to never mix dating with work because then you have face him again…no matter what awkward situation develops.

 What do all think? Was this intended to be date? Or did she mis-interpret it? Does anyone ever ask out someone from work they have never met of the opposite sex for drinks after work?

3 thoughts on “Bad Date Hall of Fame update

  1. Sounds like a ‘meeting’ for business purposes. Maybe, “I treat you nice as a friend, so when I call I get priority access.”

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