The (Los Angeles) Bermuda Triangle

I’ve decided the Bermuda Triangle exists. It is not in Bermuda, but in Los Angeles. This is the mysterious triangle that sucks up all the men you meet at bars. Night after night I go out, meet a guy I like (or two or a few), he gets my number and then he disappears in the next few days. If he changes his mind the morning after a drunken night, that is one thing. But instead he texts, we have a conversation and then he walks into the Los Angeles Bermuda Triangle. Where do all of these men go? And how does my conversation with them lead them into this mysterious vortex? To make myself feel better, I am going to explain it like this: my conversation with them is so fascinating, they are texting and walking, unaware of the Triangle signs all around. And then…they’re gone. I guess that makes me a mass murderer…but hey, at least I’m not boring.

Los Angeles Bermuda Triangle

4 thoughts on “The (Los Angeles) Bermuda Triangle

    • Great to hear Los Angeles is the only city where this happens because I was under the assumption all the douche bags moved here…
      And yes, I completely agree about the ego thing. I kind of think the problem I was talking about in this post is the exact same problem. Like they just want to make sure you gave them a real phone number, and then they get the ego boost.

      • Worst. Last year I had 5 different men on the first date whip out their cell phone and show off a photo of their country or beach home, suggest I visit them there, and then never follow up. “Does your daughter swim?” one guy asked. And not one of the guys followed up.

      • Ugh. And way to get your daughter’s hopes up like that too…can you imagine: “guess what?! we have another pool invite! and then, no just kidding, let’s return your new bathing suit!”
        And I’m sure it was just a way to bring up their huge pool and never had any decent intention beyond that. Or else…they fell into the Bermuda Triangle like all my guys do. 😉

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