Dating is Like A Box of Chocolates

I was inspired by my mini (sympathy) box of Valentine’s chocolates. I realized I was eating my box of chocolates much like I date.

dating is like a box of valentines chocolates

Chocolate on chocolate: overall too boring. Like a boring guy. How will I deal with this the rest of my life?

Orange nougat: too weird. I don’t date hipsters.

Dark chocolate cream: too intense. I can only handle intensity in small doses. Lighten up sometimes, wannabe philosopher/moody guy.

Pink nougat: Gay men. I love them, they are beautiful, sweet and perfect. But they just don’t want me like I want them. Well…most of the time.

Caramel center: sweet and delicious. I take a huge bite because it’s so comforting. And all of the sudden I realize I am already in too deep.  I am sick to my stomach and I can’t take any more, but it’s difficult to go back now…is the only escape violent expelling from my life?

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