The Girl Who Cried Wolf


the girl who cried relationship wolf

There once was a girl who sat on the relationship hillside.

She felt bored as she watched her single friends play on the other side of the hill.

To amuse herself, she cried out to her friends “I’m breaking up with my boyfriend!” “Come help me dry my tears!”

But when her friends came to comfort her, she admitted to them the problems were not as bad as she had said. She felt comforted by their caring faces.

Again and again the girl would become bored and then call for her friends, “Help me, I think I am breaking up with my boyfriend!” Every time her friends would give up their night of fun plans, she felt comforted she was not missing out on anything and had her friends by her side.

Finally one day her friends got tired of her false cries and stopped consoling her when she cried out for them. On this day, her boyfriend REALLY broke up with her. She cried and cried, but her friends would not come.

The next morning the girl went to her friends after their wild night out and showed them her boyfriend’s Facebook status. She said, “I told you we were broken up, why did you not come and help me?”

They said, “Girlfriend, no one believes a liar, even when they are telling the truth!”


This is the story of all of my girlfriends in relationships. Every time I talk to them they have to tell me about how many problems there are in the relationship and that they are going to break up with their boyfriend soon. Is this their way of relating to me as a single girl? Or do they want to pretend like they are still single for one moment and live vicariously through me? All I have to say is that I am sick of wasting all of my precious weekend nights consoling my non-single girlfriends only to find out the next morning that everything is fine. You’re making it really easy for me to stay single!

2 thoughts on “The Girl Who Cried Wolf

    • Yeah, not sure how to get through to them. Even after reminding them over and over that their relationship drama makes me depressed because I’m single, they continue to bring me into it….oh well. Thanks for your comments, I appreciate it 🙂

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