Falling off the face of the planet (AKA love)

Well here I am, back from the dead. You can’t write a single girl’s blog if you’re not single. So I wasn’t and now I am. Again. Big. Flippin’. Surprise. Love sucks. Men suck. And being single again really, really sucks.

Now that I’ve thoroughly depressed all of you, I will now apologize to my male readers: you don’t really suck. Unless you’re my last boyfriend, then you actually do suck. Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I can begin to spin my tales once again. This is a blog about survival, and every time I come back, I am a loveless, head chomping zombie. But…I have survived and that is all that matters. And every time I learn how to become a zombie that can love again, even if I do want to munch on your brains…

Zombies need love too

Yes, I am a zombie and I need love too

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