The result

I apologize to you all for getting so behind on the status of my loneliness experiment. But you know… I am enjoying being completely alone.

But…there is an update to the story. I finished my celibacy marathon and then last night… I had sex.

What? You thought I was enjoying being alone? I was… and I am. And I am so confident about being alone, I weeded out everyone in my life that I didn’t really care about (and those who don’t really care about me) and am left with those that I really do care about (and those that really care about me). Even when I didn’t realize it. And that includes Mr. Former Booty Call. My on-and-off again booty call for almost 8 months now. Through every date, online dating fiasco, quasi-relationship and ex-drama he’s been in the shadows. We both have been dating other people, and we both know it. We are booty calls and that was the end of the story. When we both in an in between people (or sometimes not) we would hook up and and spend an amazing evening together (including the non-sex moments). But there was always something more there. A mutual respect, fierce attraction and care. For a booty call, who would have guessed?

So, after weeding through everyone else and embracing my loneliness, it is him who is left. And I am head over heels.

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