The truth about cats and dogs and women in relationships

There are two kinds of women: either the cat type or the dog type. No, I am not referring to what kind of pet you prefer and I’m not talking about the movie. Instead I am referring to to your relationship style.

Side note: From here on out, I will refer to dogs as puppies to avoid calling any woman a “dog”, because it is not intended to be a bad thing.

A cat is independent and kind of bitchy. You have to work really hard to win over the affection of a cat, and you never quite know if a cat likes you or not. If you’ve won over the affection and love of a cat, you know you’re really special or have done something really remarkable.

A puppy is loyal and openly affectionate. You don’t have to work hard to win over the puppy’s affection, and you always know exactly where you stand with a puppy. If a puppy likes you, you know it and you don’t have to work very hard to get them to show it.

Now, while we’re on the subject of animals, let’s talk about men. Men are too. They are not domesticated animals like women, they are wild animals. Therefore, they like the chase.

So which kind of animal do they prefer? The cat of course. Because there is a never-ending challenge. And…chase.

I am a cat. And every time I feel like giving up and switching to the dog type so I could settle down, I lose. Because you can never ever give up the chase or the wild animals will lose interest.

And…for all you guys out there reading this: it works vice-versa as well.

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